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We are Crafted House, cheerful makers of preserves, fruit butters, 

nut butters, and more! We are foodies, and we have been blessed with the possibility of letting our passion be our way to make a living.


It all started with our little Sofia, who was born with a very rare condition that has been long resolved, and that today can only be described as unexpected sunshine! A truly challenging experience that inspired us to build what our company is today.


This adventure continues and our future tastes sweeter each and every day! So... Welcome! We are honored with your visit to our Crafted House! We want you to make it your home! Be a part of it, take a look around, and learn what makes us a phenomenal company. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy our hospitality just as much as we enjoy your presence. We hope you find everything as sweet and delightful as we strive to be.


Thank you for your support and for being here.




Andrea, Camilo, Emma, Sofia, and Chase.